Some Food Is Healthier Frozen

by 조선편집국 posted Dec 14, 2016


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Conventional thought holds that food is better to eat fresh, but for some of it freezing can be a good way to preserve nutritional value.
"When freezing food rich in moisture like tofu, broccoli and corn, holes are created on the surface as the moisture contained in the food is frozen," says Prof. Jeon Hyung-ju at Jangan University. "It shrinks as the frozen moisture gradually comes out of the food through the holes. But nutrients like protein are bigger than the holes so they are trapped and condensed."
For example, 100 g of fresh tofu contains 7.8 g of protein, but that increases six times to 50.2 g when frozen. That means by freezing tofu, people can take in a sufficient level of protein while reducing their calorie intake.
For broccoli, corn and blueberries, having them frozen is a more efficient way to take in Vitamin B and C.
"At room temperature, some fruit and vegetables lose vitamins due to sunlight," says Lee Jeong-ju, a nutritionist at Kyunghee University Hospital. "To keep the vitamin level high, it's better to preserve them in a freezer to block them from the sunlight."
To freeze tofu and broccoli, wash them in running water, cut them in pieces and wrap them in gauze to remove moisture before placing them in a sealed container in a freezer. To cook frozen tofu, microwave it for three to four minutes before cooking.



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