More Employers Accept Casual Dress in Job Interviews

by 조선편집국 posted Dec 14, 2016


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A growing number of employers let applicants dress casually for job interviews, a straw poll suggests.
Employment portal Job Korea said a poll of 784 jobseekers this year showed 44.8 percent of the respondents were allowed to dress casually for job interviews.
As a rule only employers in creative professions such as advertising or venture companies have allowed job applicants to dress casually in interviews while most others required the traditional dark suit. Even companies that allow their staff to wear shorts required job applicants to dress up.
But now even Hyundai, SK Telecom, LG Uplus, POSCO and Lotte are among the growing number of businesses that accept casual attire in interviews.
The aim is to create a comfortable atmosphere where interviewers can gain a deeper understanding of the personalities and traits of applicants. And for big conglomerates it offers a chance to shake off their image of being bureaucratic and rigidly hierarchical.
The most popular casual dress was khaki pants and oxford shirts for men and one-piece dresses for women. Next came semi-formal clothes and casual styles such as jeans and a T-shirt.
Experts said applicants should draw the line somewhere. "Clothes that are too loud must be avoided since they can be negative factors," said Byun Ji-sung at Job Korea.
But 50.6 percent of respondents said they would actually prefer formal dress, saying casual clothes just create one more agony of choice for them ahead of the interview.

Applicants attend at a job interview. /Courtesy of LG Uplus


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