Mary Norwood’s Bid for Mayoral Election

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Mary Norwood, the incumbent Atlanta City Council member of Post 2 at Large, runs for Mayor of Atlanta 2017.
By Anna Kim
Staff Writer
The City of Atlanta, Georgia will hold a Mayoral election on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
Incumbent Mayor Kasim Reed is ineligible to run for re-election as he will have served two terms. Currently, 14 candidates have declared and it is likely to be more as the registration deadline of August gets closer. That being said, a lot of competition in the field will be set off.
Amongst the outstanding candidates, Mary Norwood, who is an incumbent Atlanta City Councilwoman for Post 2 at Large, declared the race for Mayor last October.
She was born in Augusta, Georgia and is a long-time resident of Atlanta. To date, she has been tireless in public service career since she was first elected as a City Council member in 2001, and served for two consecutive terms. She ran for Mayor in 2009, but she didn’t have luck and lost to Mayor Kasim Reed by 700 votes. However, she won her previous seat back in 2013 by 52.50% as a citywide council member, Post 2 at Large.
Mary Norwood returns to the Atlanta mayoral fray with high commitment to Atlantans.
“I have devoted myself to representing all Atlantans for my entire tenure in city government,” said Mrs. Norwood. “My mission is to bring trust, compassion and a bright, safe future to our city and everyone who lives here.”
To scrutinize her platform for the election, she emphasizes safety, transparency, sustainability, and prosperity.
As for safety, she said “Every single person deserves to feel protected all of the time, where a flourish of the city continues. It’s also about rolling up our sleeves and working collaboratively with other agencies, counties, and communities to make our streets, neighborhoods, and city safe for all of our citizens.”
When it comes to transparency, she put focus on continuing to advocate for more openness; building the citizens’ trust in the city government; ensuring that the citizens are informed of all important decisions and plans; increasing fiscal responsibility; demanding trustworthy stewardship of public funds; and fostering a prosperous business environment through predictability from the city.
Another appreciable focus amongst her platforms is sustainability, where responsible growth, affordable housing, congestion mitigation, and job creation are laid out.
She insisted, “We must develop policies that guarantee our citizens can stay in our city. Innovative workforce housing initiatives can help both our companies and their employees. Aging-in-place initiatives can protect our seniors and long-term residents from displacement. We must compassionately grow our city without losing those who have made Atlanta their home.”
The foregoing three campaign pledges converged into prosperity: clean water, elimination of blight, end homelessness, effective code enforcement, efficient permitting, and updated zoning code.
Ending homelessness is one of the top concerns of Mary Norwood.
“Every life deserves dignity,” said Mrs. Norwood. “We must cultivate humanitarian programs and alternatives to rehabilitate our homeless population and afford them opportunities for successful transition & integration into the community as productive citizens.”
In the meantime, currently Mary Norwood is an owner of Norwood Communications, LLC. She served as President of the National Association of Media Brokers in 1985-1987, and ran Rounsaville Radio Stations as a Chief Operating Officer. She attended Sweet Briar College and Emory University and received a Bachelor of Arts in History. She is married to Dr. W. Felton Norwood, a retired pediatrician.

A proven community activist, socially conscious neighbor, and City Councilwoman, Mary Norwood thinks big for Atlantans. 








 Mary Norwood, who is an incumbent Atlanta City Councilwoman for Post 1 At Large, declared the race for Mayor last October.


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The Atlanta City Hall building is a high-rise office tower. 

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 The Atlanta City Hall.




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