What to Watch Out for When Getting a Job Before College

by 조선편집국 posted Nov 30, 2016


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Now that the annual college entrance exam is over, many youngsters are looking for part-time jobs before they start university. But they are often taken advantage of because they are young and inexperienced, and keeping a cool head is essential before entering the world of adult work.
To help with the challenge, job portal Albamon on Thursday offered some essential tips for young part-time workers.
First of all, check what the minimum hourly wage is in the company. This year's official minimum wage for both regular and temporary employees is W6,030, rising to W6,470 from next year (US$1=W1,171).
In some cases, trainees are paid only 90 percent of the legal minimum wage, but employers cannot cut their pay if they are employed for less than one year.
Payment should be made in cash directly on a fixed date, and employers are not allowed to change the date or pay in kind or coupons.
Remember that employers are not allowed to dock a worker's wages for a mistake, no matter how costly.
Workers are entitled to half an hour's break for every four hours they work, and what they do in that break is entirely up to them.
Employers who force their staff to use their break time in bits and pieces of 10 minutes here and five minutes there are in breach of the law, no matter how busy they may claim the company is.
Contracts are also important. They lay down the employer’s promises and specify terms such as wages, working hours, and holidays.
If they suffer abuse at work, young workers can get advice at the Youth Labor Rights Center, an agency founded by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Korea Certified Public Labor Attorneys Association to protect their rights.



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