Largest Chrysanthemum Festival to Kick Off This Weekend

by 조선편집국 posted Oct 26, 2016


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The annual chrysanthemum festival will be held in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province this weekend.
One of the largest flower festivals in the country, which attracted some 1.1 million visitors last year, the ten-day event in its 16th year will display various artworks featuring chrysanthemums until Nov. 7.
Starting with the opening ceremony on the eve of the festival, a variety of cultural and hands-on events will be offered. Such events include a photo zone featuring national flags from all over the world and a tour program that will take visitors to must-see attractions in Changwon. A sculpture floating on the sea will light up the venue every night.
Some 7,600 artworks using chrysanthemums will be on display, and a total of 110,000 chrysanthemums will decorate the venue. In 2009, the festival set a Guinness World Record for having 1,315 flowers bloom from a single stem, and it broke its own record with 1,515 buds last year.
Visitors can also enjoy a flower bed, resembling fish swimming in the ocean, in front of a marine park in Jinhae, one of the most popular attractions in the city.
"We're thoroughly preparing for the festival, which we believe helps promote the city and attracts more visitors to boost tourism in the area," a Changwon city official said. "We're also putting all efforts to offer a pleasant experience to visitors."




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